Two Birds Yoga Dénia - your yoga classes in Denia, Alicante, nurturing body and mind.

Sophia Gegner Burns - founder, teacher

I have always loved teaching which does not come as much of a surprise as both of my parents are teachers - it runs in the family. After graduating from my M.A. studies in Interpreting and Translation in the UK I started teaching languages, which brought about the opportunity of moving abroad which I jumped at in a heartbeat. Without any further ado I moved to Spain (Basque county later Andalusia and now Valencia) and in between travelled and worked in South America (many different beautiful places) where the realisation that a healthy body and mind are essential struck me like lightning.

Having done Yoga before I decided to make my way into the health sector via Yoga and in 2015 (after returning to Spain from South America) I finished my 200 hours yoga alliance certified yoga teacher training in Seville with Lourdes Vidal (Oyoga). In 2019 I started training with Tiffany Cruikshank, the founder of Yoga Medicine, to deepen my knowledge as it is her aim "to rigorously teach her teachers in a fusion of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics with the traditional practice of yoga so they can work with clients and their health care provider to find a yoga practice that is a therapeutic adjunct to their medical care."

It is my passion to pass on my joy of conscious, healthy and breath coordinated movement so you can enjoy the practice in your very own way - it is YOUR body and YOUR practice after all! With my language skills and experience in teaching kids, teens and adults alike I also aim to bring different ages and nationalities together to create a community - which basically is the meaning of yoga "union" (probably more of body and mind but why not also of the people?).

Yoga is such a great way to experience and feel your body and to live at one with what surrounds you...and as a welcome side effect: healthy fascia, muscles, joints and a relaxed view upon life.

Light house

Why not spend a bit of precious time on yoga to make you feel great?