Private classes are an excellent option for people who are seeking a more personal experience of Yoga.

If you suffer from pain, want to work on strength or range of motion of a specific area in your body or want to fit yoga in a busy schedule you might be interested in this modality.

In the first session we aim to extract as much information as possible regarding past physical and mental problems and your present situation to see what practice best suits you. On the basis of the information gathered I will craft a unique class using different styles of yoga and techniques that best suit your objectives.

Serene lady relaxing and meditating on a yoga mat in a cosy house

Benefits of private yoga classes include:

Personalized experience working toward personal objective

Can be fit in your schedule

Adaptation of the class to your level/ injury (adjustments, props)

Hand-out with postures/exercises so you can keep working at home

Preparation to be able to take part in group classes if desired

If you desire more information or wish to book a class you can do so below